Posted by: thormiller | February 10, 2009

Linky love response, two

Jim Tobin brings up some very good points in his post about the re-emergence of MC Hammer, the early 90’s iconic rapper who’s probably most well known for the satirical commercials he stars in about losing all of his money.

First, people and companies can bounce back from the brink of destruction if they become transparent and are open to poking fun at themselves and the errors they’ve made, and what they have to offer customers now. It seems that many times if a company has financial trouble, or gets negative press for doing something the public sees as bad, they tend to hide behind gimmicky marketing and don’t tell customers why they should trust them.

Secondly, Tobin said that consumers have no problem hating a brand, but will generally give people a chance. Companies can use this to their advantage if they chose to use social media to make them more human, or more approachable, and less like a traditional brand.

It’s surprising that more companies don’t follow Tobin’s advise and be more transparent in the marketing of their products.


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