Posted by: thormiller | February 17, 2009

Job Interviews

Barbara Nixon put an interesting video on her blog, titled “A minute with Phil” which asks PR professionals, what’s the one question you always use in a job interview?

Many of the questions the PR pros at Edelman asked were interesting, and very different from questions I’ve been asked in prior job interviews… and I’ve had many of them.

So, I’ve tried to remember what the questions were, and what jobs they were for.

“What’s interests you the most about community journalism,” asked by the editor of The Cottage Grove Sentinel.

“What’s your best quality in a crises situation, or how would you handle an irate customer when the book they paid hundred of thousands of dollars to produce is printed incorrectly,” asked by my supervisor at RR Donnelley.

“What can you bring to our sports department that would separate you from the other hundreds of applicants,” asked by the editor of the daily newspaper in Kalispell, Montana.

The list goes on and on, but what I found interesting about the post is that in PR, employers are asking questions that relate to YOU and not what you can do for the company in a specific capacity.


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