Posted by: thormiller | February 21, 2009

Linky Love, part 3

The Bad Pitch Blog‘s post about pitching is a must read for any aspiring public relations practitioner.

I’ve been on the other side of pitches, and thrown away or deleted more bad pitches than I care to remember. Most of them were tossed because they didn’t directly engage me, or were so vague it was impossible to tell what they wanted the paper to cover. And, sadly, there were many of them that contained glaring simple grammatical errors that immediately sent them into the round file on the floor.

A big problem I’ve seen in many J-school classes at the University of Oregon, is that very few students — including myself sadly — have learned to proofread their work well enough to make it professional. Although instructors stress the point of good proofreading, it doesn’t seem to sink in, or maybe students haven’t been trained how to do it properly.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a class directly geared toward proofreading, and maybe there should be. It could be an elective course that would certainly help out students pursuing a career in reporting, PR or advertising. I would definitely take it, because I know my proofreading skills could use some honing.

Good writing and good proofreading skills go hand in hand. For the PR professional, these are two huge keys to be successful in communicating your company’s message to the mass or social media.

Mastering proofreading could be the difference between landing a good job after graduation, or asking customers if they want straws or a jacket for their lattes.


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