Posted by: thormiller | March 9, 2009

Linky Love, No. 4

While reading PRWeek‘s blog about what newspaper closures are going to do to PR, it reminded me of how I got back to school in the first place — the closure of the Springfield Beacon.

After working in small-town newspapers for five years and watching the downsizing, the salary caps and editors come and go due to constant corporate re-organizing, I decided to get a degree in public relations.

Let’s face it, print media is walking toward the light. Public relations firms must embrace social media, or they too will be around to read their own epitaphs.

But a good question is, “how are PR professionals going to convince clients that don’t understand social media to use it?” Older clients who barely know how to use the Internet are going to be very suspicious of public relations and marketing that ONLY uses the Internet and its tools like blogs and YouTube.

Public relations professionals are going to have to come up with ways to prove social media’s worth  to business professionals from older generations. Maybe one way is to set up video feeds with professionals like Paull Young and let them see and hear first hand how social media can be used to their benefit.  They would be able to ask questions and have them answered by someone who is very passionate and well versed about social media.

To me it’s still sad to see newspapers close across the country. But I’ve let go and moved on and am trying to embrace social media, and others who practice public relations should to, before it’s too late.



  1. No matter what marketing and PR tactics are hot and trendy… you’ve got to talk to your target where there are, in words that they know, and in a way that they trust.

    Social Media is the flavor of the month. It won’t necessarily go away… but it will change. It used to be America Online was THE place to reach a potential customer online… 18 to 24 months ago ALL companies needed a blog site to survive…

    Social media tactics are just that, tactics. Keep them in your bag of tricks for when the objective points to the strategy and the strategy calls for these tactics.

    Like the sentiment of that old saying…

    If all you have is a hammer you see every problem as if it were a nail.

    But sometimes, the problem is a lightbulb… and that hammer isn’t going to do the trick!

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