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Linky Love response

Given the state of our current economy, the thought of graduating in June without a job lined up is rather frightening. Lindsay Olson, a PR professional, explains that college seniors should begin their job search by networking about six months prior to the day they don their cap and gowns.

Since the beginning of this school year, I’ve been actively networking; sending out resumes and cover letters to prospective employers. Unfortunately, I haven’t received a job offer yet, but my web of networks has been ever expanding. I recently signed up to attend the PRSA meeting in Salem — were I’m moving after graduation.

Hopefully with my past experiences, which include a PR internship over the summer, my job search will have me walking down the aisle at graduation directly to my new job in public relations.

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Boards, etc.

While surfing in Oregon off and on for about 12 years, I’ve had a chance to own, rent and demo many different boards from many different manufacturers. I’ve ridden things from Stewart hydrohulls, Robert August’s What I Ride, and Doug Haut to plenty of soft-top rental boards. But the boards me and many of my buddies like — and the boards we still own — were shaped and glassed right here in Oregon. Lanny Shuler, Rob Russo and plenty of other folks make really good boards at very affordable prices, plus the boards are designed to surf right here in Oregon. Other bonuses from buying boards from local shapers are the investment in our local economies and less contribution to global warming because the boards don’t need to be trucked up from Southern California or shipped from Hawaii.

In addition to these benefits, buying from a local shaper gives you a board to your specifications. You will get a much better board by talking directly to the shaper about your skills, time of year you surf and body dimensions than you will ever get by taking one off the rack, putting fins and a leash on it, and paddling out.

A directory with many local shapers can be found at oregonsurf or you can talk to just about any shop on the coast and they’ll hook you up with a great board builder.

Lanny Shuler shaping a board

Lanny Shuler shaping a board

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Hello world!

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